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Car rental in Morocco

Save money and book your car Mohamed V International Airport;

Car rental at the airport

Look tower offers a wide selection of brand cars and commercial for Long Term Rental in formula (LTR) for small and medium sized businesses, professionals and artisans.

Long term rental

About us ?

LOOK A TOUR, your car rental agency in Casablanca, Morocco, offers a wide range of models of passenger cars and commercial vehicles , meeting all the needs and desires of individuals and businesses.

Enjoy a cheap car in the best condition, with quality service and qualified personnel.

Reservations can be made immediately by phone. You can also book through our website. We deliver your rental car in the time you want, with or without driver, at our office in Casablanca or in Casablanca airport .

We also provide car rental and utilities for Long Term Rental (LTR).

  •   Look A Tour
  •   18, Boulevard Anfa (In front of the District Sidi Belyout)
  •   Casablanca Morocco
  •  +212 (0)5 22 47 68 70
  •  +212 (0)6 61 37 40 33
  •  +212 (0)5 22 47 68 71
  •  info@looka-tour.com